About Us

Daedal - Skillful or Artistic. Our products are skillfully and artistically created by our rural women who make a living by creating these beautiful products. 

A one-stop store for all your Pooja and Decorative items for all the festivals and Festive occasions. We mainly manufacture Garlands & Thorans in various materials, Rangolis, Arches and Pillars, and other decorative items for festive decorations and other functions along with many more decorative home decor products

All these products are passionately hand made by rural women who are encouraged to make use of their creativity and earn a right livelihood. Over the past three decades, Daedal Crafters has trained and helped more than 300 rural women to build self confidence and improve their lifestyles by earning. 

Daedal Crafters continually look for rural women with a passion for creativity and hardwork to take them underwings and also help them to become more economically independent.

Our Team

Rekha Krishnamurthy - Founder & CEO Daedal Crafter

Akshay Krishnamurthy - Director Daedal Crafter

Navya - Director Daedal Crafter

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