About Us

Our Journey 

It was the early nineties. Rekha Krishnamurthy, a housewife from a small town, Pavagada in Tumkur district, found an urge in herself to utilise her time more meaningfully. She wanted to keep herself occupied and also have her own source of income. This decision was the seed that gave birth to Rekha Creations.

When Rekha started on this journey, she never had any lofty ambition of making it big, but with time, she surprised herself with her growth curve. Rekha started handcrafting beautiful flower garlands made of cloth, popularly known in Kannada as ‘Nakali Hoovina Haara’ (artificial Flower garlands). Her sister was her first teacher in this endeavour. As she learnt, Rekha passionately strung each garland by hand and started her business in a small way, earning only enough to buy the raw materials for the next batch.
Artificial flower garlands were being used extensively in the decorations during Poojas, in temples for various religious ceremonies, for certain community events, during functions like marriages, house warming etc.
Seeing the market opening up, Rekha realised that this was the right time to jump into the fray, in a more organized manner. She displayed her products in a shop in Chickpet. With her second visit there, orders started trickling in. Gradually the size of the orders increased to 40-50 garlands at a time. At this stage, she employed a few women and trained them.Customer base in Chickpet expanded. Rekha started training and enabling more women in that small town to sew these artificial flowers. Today the employee base boasts of a 150 strong woman force, women who are homemakers from a lower or a middle class background.  This opportunity has provided them with the much needed additional income for their families. They are very happy, because for the first time, they have their own source of income, which is greatly helpful.

The journey till here saw Rekha being supported by her father, sister and husband at various stages in various ways.Meanwhile, she relocated to Tumkur.
Business started flourishing with each passing year.The passion to grow further started taking root. Rekha started experimenting with trial and error methods to increase the product base with more number of patterns and with varied materials. In addition to Bangalore,she sources her raw material from Mumbai, Delhi and Surat as well.

Garlands being the primary product, gradually Rekha Creations diversified to other new products. Beautiful decorative items for pujas, like different backdrops, arches, pillars, Thorans and Rangolis made out of various materials were introduced.Rekha conducts classes for interested candidates to show how the idol of the Goddess can be decorated by tying the sari in different styles.Though Lakshmi did not have an ambition when she started 20 years back, now she wants her products to reach all over India and she wants her work to be recognized by more and more people.Over a period of time, she has expanded her customer base to Chennai and Hyderabad as well. The two feathers that stand out in the Rekha Creations’ cap are the orders that she got from the Lepakshi Emporium in Andhra and the Titan Showroom (Between 2011-2015, Mia, Tata Gold Plus and Tanishq showrooms all over India used the products from Rekha Creations to decorate their showrooms. It was the dedicated efforts of the whole team that enabled the order to be executed  in 45 days)
There are certain challenges that she remembers with fondness –
 - An order that she got for a 150 feet garland, when she was still new to Tumkur. She went to Pavagada, collected workers and got the order ready within 36 hours.
-  An other order that was placed by a customer in Tirupathi was for a 101 feet garland for a statue of Annamayya. It was unveiled in Cuddapah by the Chief Minister Rajashekar Reddy.

Rekha Creations has been having exhibitions in Tumkur and Bangalore since 2008, with satisfied customers coming back each year for more.
It is heartening to say that Rekha Creations grew to its present state without many hiccups on the way. Of course, Rekha’s untiring efforts towards its growth, with ample support from the family made this possible.
Rekha’s vision for expanding her business with new products led to the birth of the brand Daedal in 2015.The word “daedal” originates from Latin and Greek Languages and translates as intricate, skilful and artistic.  As the name suggests, a new range of products are being designed that are artistic, with intricate designs.Principle founder of the brand Daedal is Rekha Krishnamurthy.She is ably supported by the duo of youngsters, Akshay, the co-founder and Navya, designer and the marketing director. The young blood is getting in novel products into the business.  Akshay, a mechanical engineer looks into the marketing. Navya, an architect, is the designer.With its primary product being dream catchers, Daedal started its operations with the brand name “Daedal dream catchers”. Most of the merchandise was sold online, on Amazon.
By the end of 2015, all the products of Rekha Creations were put for sale online under the brand name “Daedal crafters”. One of the large orders that she got online was for 750 garlands to be supplied to Birmingham for the New Year 2016, that was executed well within time.

Akshay and Navya planned a range of new products that include wall clocks, lamp shades and other home decorative pieces with intricate patterns, using laser technique. Navya designs the patterns for the dream catchers, clocks and lamps.Brand Daedal has been launched on Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal and now products are sold on amazon.com, amazon.uk, amazon.ca, amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de and amazon.es.The founder and the co-founders of Daedal are working with full zeal and aim to make their presence felt all over the world.